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Meeting Highlights - June 21, 2018

It was a packed house this morning as we gathered to celebrate the summer solstice, “the longest day of the year!” Many community members joined us, because Scott Sherman, our City Council representative, was our guest speaker. Scott represents District 7 in San Diego. He took office December 3, 2012 and was re-elected in 2016. Scott shared his concerns for the red tape involved in licensing charter schools in San Diego. He told us that the majority of charter schools are south of the eight and 72% of the charter school students are considered high risk. He recounted the pride families felt at a recent high school graduation where many of the students were the first family member to graduate from high school. Scott vows to keep supporting good schools that serve our diverse population.

Scott also mentioned the housing crisis we are currently facing. It is a difficult challenge to find creative ways to make permanent housing available to all our citizens. High real estate prices, difficult permitting processes, union demands, zoning issues and lobbying by special interests all impact the council’s decision making process. The difficult problem of dealing with our homeless population is also another issue that is being addressed.  The Council is trying to make it easier for the city to deal with the impact of homeless encampments. Scott vows to continue to work for his constituents to make San Diego a place our children and grandchildren will be able to live and enjoy in the years ahead. Scott answered questions from members and guests before saying goodbye. We appreciate the time he took to address concerns and offer suggestions to help folks have a greater voice in San Diego government.

Our Kiwanian of the Day was John Peterson. John collected Happy/Sad Dollars. We were all surprised and delighted when Ideal Plumbing gave a Happy $150 to thank us for our support of the Allied Gardens community! It is gratifying to learn that our efforts are appreciated!

John then shed his KOD role for his new part as host of a fun version of Wheel of Fortune. Kathy Butterstein filled in as Vanna White and our members proved quite good at guessing the correct answers! We were glad that other community members could join us for what turned out to be a fun and informative meeting!

President George Butterstein (l.) hands the reins to KOD John Peterson.

John Peterson (r.) welcomed Council member Scott Sherman.

Kathy Butterstein was "Pat's" assistant "Vanna!"