Every Thursday morning, 7:00 a.m., Brothers Family Restaurant


Club Meeting - November 9, 2017

We were glad to welcome Griffin Gilmore, a member of SDSU Circle K Club this morning along with Kathryn Johnson, Branch Manager of our local Benjamin Library. We always enjoy hosting our SDSU students as well as community members who like to stop in to enjoy our fun and informative meetings!

President George Butterstein started us off with two kind thank you notes, one from a past guest speaker and one from Kiwanis Family House, thanking us for our support.  The Kiwanis Family House organization helps provide temporary accommodations and supportive services to families with a child staying at one of their partner hospitals. 

Each week we have one member tell us a little bit about his or her life so we will get to know one another better. Today our Kiwanian of the Week was John Peterson. John was born in northern Arizona. His family moved to San Diego during his senior year and he graduated from Sweetwater High School at the age of sixteen.  As soon as he turned 18, he heard from the draft board, and was drafted into the Army. John was “eager and ready to go.”  John was sent to Japan as a member of the 64th Engineer Battalion and was stationed in Tokyo.  His assignment in Japan was brief, and he was discharged in March 1947. John attended San Diego State College for four years on the GI Bill.  As a senior in college, John began to work part time at Kettenburg Boat Works in Point Loma.  In April 1951, he joined Kettenburg full time where he spent the next 38 years.  He rose from a part-time employee to Vice President of the company. He retired in 1989 at the age of 61. John has been an active member of our club since 1966! This month, John’s son Jim, daughter Susan and their families have invited all of us to celebrate John’s 90th birthday! It should be quite a party!

Our Kiwanian of the Day was Byron Newman. Byron entertained us with his quick wit and solicited Happy/Sad Dollars. Doug Grosmark announced that the K-Kids Club he runs at Hearst Elementary has just collected seven large boxes of left-over Halloween candy that the students will package in gift bags for the military. They also collected $465 for the Kiwanis Eliminate Project that partners with UNICEF to provide immunizations to women in third world countries to protect them and their future babies from tetanus.

Our speaker was Leslie Perkins, the Executive Director of the Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation. We enjoyed a slide show that highlighted the beauty and diversity of the park while Leslie explained that the goal of the MTRP Foundation is to partner with the City of San Diego to preserve and protect the natural environment of the park and to provide and promote educational and recreational opportunities. 
With about 60 miles of trails, boating on Lake Murray, camping at Kumeyaay Lake, numerous informative hikes, and a state-of-the-art Visitor and Interpretive Center, Mission Trails Regional Park has something to offer everyone. We are grateful for Leslie’s stewardship and for all the volunteers who dedicate innumerable hours ensuring it is preserved and open for all to enjoy!

            Happy 90th birthday John Peterson!                                KOD Byron Newman with Leslie Perkins