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Youth We Sponsor

Kiwanis International empowers youth at every stage of life, from elementary school through university to young adulthood. Here are the youth programs we sponsor in the community. If your child's or grandchild’s school does not sponsor a Kiwanis youth program, contact your local club for more information.

Circle K

Circle K International (CKI) is the premiere university service organization in the world sponsored by Kiwanis International. With clubs on more than 550 campuses globally, programming is based upon the tenets of service, leadership and fellowship.  We sponsor the Circle K club at San Diego State University

The Circle K club at SDSU is the oldest active club in the California-Nevada-Hawaii Circle K District, having chartered in 1955.  During the 1950s, two of the first three International Presidents of Circle K -- Hal Helsley and Wally Miller -- were students at San Diego State while they served in the highest leadership position the organization has to offer.  SDSU Circle K has a long legacy of leadership ever since, including this year's club President, Hershey Guzman, and her team of enthusiastic board members.  Hershey is a past Key Club member from Bonita VIsta High School in San Diego County, and one of the most dedicated student volunteers we know!  We are also the home club of Circle K Paradise Division Lt. Governor Jesus "G-Bus" Aguilar.

SDSU Circle K is committed to following the three main tenets of service, leadership and fellowship.  Events they have recently attended include Relay for Life (a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society), Reality Changers, and Father Joe’s Village, where they served breakfast to the homeless.  They also love to give back to our Kiwanis Club, so they host an annual Spaghetti Dinner for us, and help at most of our weekly breakfast meetings.

While they are mainly a service club, they also have fun socials like going hiking to Cowles Mountain, watching movies, attending dinner events with other local Circle K clubs, and so much more.  All of their members are truly a dedicated family, making San Diego a better place!

Our current Circle K advisor at SDSU is our 2016-17 G.A.G. Kiwanis Club President, Kathy Wiskur, better known to her Circle K'ers as their "KiwaniMama!"



Key Club

Key Club International, the oldest and largest service leadership organization for high school students, teaches leadership through service to others.  With over 260,000 volunteers worldwide, Key Club members build themselves as they build their schools and communities.  Key Club’s 5,000 clubs thrive in over 30 nations in North America, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.  Founded at Sacramento High School in 1925, Key Club has grown to touch the lives of millions of people for more than ninety years.

We sponsor the Key Club at
Patrick Henry High School, where the club broke its all-time record with 175 members last year.  Key Clubbers at Patrick Henry today contribute thousands of community service hours each year in conjunction with their sponsoring G.A.G. Kiwanis Club.  Key Clubs from all over Southern California participate in an annual trip to Magic Mountain each November for the Fall Rally fundraiser, which raises over $100,000 each year for emergency pediatric medical care and preventative safety equipment.  Volunteers in the Key Club at PHHS have a chance to participate in numerous service projects, including several run/walk events, environmental cleanup projects, and the Tet Festival (Lunar New Year) in February.

Current club President
Bill Huynh is entering his senior year at PHHS.  He and his team of dedicated club officers and committee chairs have set some ambitious goals for the year.  The club continues to aim high and set new records for community service hours, along with their efforts to raise money to prevent and treat Pediatric Trauma.

The Key Club at Patrick Henry is as old as the school itself, having chartered in 1969, during the school's first academic year.  PHHS is one of thirteen clubs in Division 21, which encompasses the central part of the city of San Diego.  Their mascot is the Turquoise Hippo, and PHHS Key Clubbers love to show off their Division 21 Hippo spirit!

Our Key Club advisors are PHHS English instructor Valerie Crawford and her husband, John.  Both are G.A.G. Kiwanis members who met each other (and got married) because of their involvement in Kiwanis! 

Click here for more information about the Patrick Henry High School Key Club.


Builders Club

The first Kiwanis Builders Club was chartered in 1975 in Ashland, Kentucky. Nearly 40,000 middle and junior high students in 1,300 clubs in 18 nations contribute service to school and community while developing leadership and people skills. Builders Club members implement practical service-learning principals as they focus on supporting organizations that focus on the needs of children. We are the sponsor of the Lewis Middle School Builders Club.

The Builders Club of Lewis Middle School has been providing community service to the Allied Gardens area for more than twenty years.  Middle school volunteers in grades 6, 7, and 8 dedicate themselves to projects on campus and in the greater community, often in conjunction with their sponsoring Kiwanis Club.

Founded in 1987, the Lewis Middle School Builders Club is led by President Alissa Robles, and Vice President Alain Zhang, who will help lead the club to success in 2017-18.  Our Builders Club focuses on service on campus at school, as well as occasional projects in the surrounding community, with help from Kiwanis volunteers John Crawford and Byron Newman, and faculty advisor Jacinda Dietz, an English teacher at the school.

Builders Club members learn to work in groups, to lead their own meetings, and to tap into their leadership potential.  It is our hope that our Builders Club volunteers will decide to continue volunteering by joining Key Club, once they get into high school.



 K-Kids is a student community service club for elementary students that teaches members the value of helping others through participation in community service projects and club activities. We sponsor the K-Kids programs at Phoebe Hearst Elementary School and Marvin Elementary School.

Hearst's K-Kids Club was the first club of its kind in California, and was a test group for elementary-level sponsored service groups by the Kiwanis International. Sponsored by Kiwanis Club of Grantville-Allied Gardens and led by Dr. Doug Grosmark, the club has made a difference in the lives of young children for more than twenty years. Children learn the value of helping others and community service. The Hearst K- Kids meet twice a month after school to do campus projects including campus clean up, restoration of the "Proud To Be An American" planterbox. Their community service projects are numerous and some of them are school-wide: UNICEF Halloween coin collection; Halloween candy donation drive with artwork and notes of appreciation for military at Miramar;  making Valentines for patients at Alvarado Hospital; "Pennies for Patients" event to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society including making a video to promote their event known as "Coins Cure Cancer";  and doing food drive for the military food locker at Miramar.

The Hearst K-Kids club currently has about 25 members who are learning that they can make a difference for people they do not know and those who are less fortunate.  Many of the students go on to join service clubs at their middle and high school or join other volunteer organizations.

Marvin Elementary School is the home of our newest youth group, the Marvin Elementary K-Kids Club!  

K-Kids is one of several Service Leadership Programs (SLPs) sponsored by Kiwanis in schools and communities around the world.

Students who choose to get involved with Kiwanis through their school can join K-Kids, Builders Club, Key Club International, or Circle K International, depending on their age and grade level.  Here, students can become active volunteers within their community, while also learning important skills for the real world, such as public speaking, project planning, teamwork, and leadership.

Our new K-Kids Club at Marvin Elementary School meets every other Thursday after school with advisor Kathy Wiskur, who is an award-winning member of our Kiwanis Club, and a Marvin Elementary graduate herself (never mind when!) Students interested in joining the club are encouraged to attend a meeting to find out what K-Kids and Kiwanis are all about.

The Kiwanis Club of Grantville-Allied Gardens sponsored the very first K-Kids Club in the state of California, starting at nearby Hearst Elementary School in 1994-95.  Thanks to the support of longtime Kiwanian Dr. Doug Grosmark, that club is still active and thriving at Hearst today!